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Beginner Nepenthes


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Hey all! As some of you know I have very little experience in growing carnivorous plants. I only know the basics and as of now I only have a few sarrs, dews, and a fly trap. I've recently be gaining interest in the nepenthes genus of carnivorous plants. I don't know if someone with my experience should attemp to grow these or not and if so what would be some good starters? I've heard that N ventricosa is a great beginner plant because it can handle abuse well but I'm not sure.
the easiest for me here have been alata, sanguinea, ventricosa and miranda
I abused my n. ventrata (alata x ventriosa) a ton when I first started growing nepenthes but it's still going (vigorously may I add) and starting to vine. I'd say you can't go wrong with that, although the ones cody just mentioned are, in my opinion better looking.
My first two Nepenthes were a Jacquelinea and a SpectabilisXAristochoiloides. Everything after that, are medium to hard to grow Nepenthes which I have not found to be as finicky as most report. When I receive my first two plants, I tossed them outside in the sun and they took the abuse quiet well. Although, some amputation may be necessary if they get sun burnt. If you can satisfy 3 of their requirements then they will, for the most part, be happy: media, water, light, temperature, and humidity. Each spp has its own idiosyncracies, and every clone it peculiarities. If something is not to its liking, you can be damn sure, it will let you know.
Ventricosa, sanguinea, alata, truncata, copelandii, albomarginata, maxima, smilesii, khasiana, spathulata, lowii x campanulata, N. "Red Leopard", sanguinea x ramnispina, and ventrata are seme of the easiest ones.
miranda. colorful. sold readily at BB places. see them all the time at Lowes and Wallyworld....
If you want any plant to try, you can see if Lowe's has any healthy ones that are on discount (less than $5), but you might not be able to identify the plants immediately.
I've never seen a plant take as much abuse without symptom as that masochistic tramp, Miranda.
Thanks guys. I'll have to check around the local lowes to see if they have something. I'll probably try the miranda if I can find one. I do have another question for you guys. How should I water it? The CPs I have are easy, just kep them in standing water and they'll be fine, but I've heard neps don't handle that technique of watering very well. Should I water them like a regular houseplant to where I water once heavily then wait till the soil looks slightly dry and water again?
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Its okay if you use the tray method on Nepenthes, though it probably like the overhead watering better.
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Overhead watering, keeping the soil at least slightly damp at all times is best, although, a shallow tray method can work as long as the water in the tray is allowed to totally evaporate betwween waterings, and the tray only goes halfway up the pot.
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i secound the thought on trying truncata it was my first one
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After thinking about it a little bit, N. Miranda might be a poor choice for a first Nep, since it will give you a false sense of confidence in growing them. It's incredibly difficult to kill them.
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So a Miranda is probably not a good choice?
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Its a great choice, but its the cockroach of nepenthes; just a little prettier :) It would survive a nuclear blast.....
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I think that I should go with the one that can handle the most abuse. I figure that it will be recieving a lot.
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So go with miranda, ventrata, ventricosa or alata. All will be super easy.
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Be mindful that miranda gets over 3 feet in diameter though, and needs a great deal of light in order to pitcher.
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Be mindful that miranda gets over 3 feet in diameter though, and needs a great deal of light in order to pitcher.
I agree. The miranda and ventrata I've seen available at garden centers, Home Depots, and Lowe's are already pretty big. I'm not sure if you have the room to accommodate them. I would start off with a medium sized hybrid seedling and learn that way. It won't take up much space and you can learn as it grows and be proud of the fact that you grew it out. N. x'Judith Finn' is in stock here at the flytrapshop and you can get some hardy intermediate seedlings online that are not expensive.