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Baxi Water Heater / Heating Unit Died...


Tropical Fish Enthusiast
The house is in the 40's by now, and our landlord put us up in a hotel, until a pump switch can be over-nighted and installed. I think my terrarium setup, with Petiolaris Complex plants are going to be goners. Also, our mailbox, since we moved, is no longer in a protected vestibule. It's outside, in a cluster of other, 'out in the sticks', mailboxes. I don't dare do any further trading (receiving) until the spring.
Bummer, if the heating on your tropical tank keeps the temperatures in the mid-high 60s it should be ok. I had some petiolaris plants shipped to me and stayed outdoors overnight when the temperatures dipped into the mid-low 40s and survived.
Sorry to see this happen, Jim!
A couple of months ago, my hot water heater did not die per se, but rotted out at the bottom. So hot water all over the garage, thanks a bunch! I asked a contractor working nearby for a bid, $1,200 and change labor alone! Called a friend, got a number to a plumber, and he did it for $450 and provided parts. I got the heater. Always ask more than one person...

Course your deal is different. Sorry for the losses.
That really sucks! Stories like this make me glad to have a wood stove.
Not great Jim. However old Baxis are pretty simple machines so I would have thought that it shouldn't be expensive or difficult to get spares. We have a really reliable self employed plumber/heating engineer who bolts new bits on ours from time to time.

Hope the plants are ok.