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Banana syndrom

I am sure that this is a long and tried topic. I have some vfts that are not doing as well as I had hoped. They do the banana thing. They start green, turn yellow then brown, in a matter of a week, not even opening their traps at times. I have them under artifical light12 hours daily after moving them inside from 90 degree heat and 90% humidity. The sun they were getting was about 4 hours of morning va sun. I did notice last night that the ones in a local lowes were doing the same thing and that they were very dry, but not nearly as bad as mine. I did notice that Suzanne posted that they sometimes have a history of abuse to recover from as well. How long should that be? I have had this guy for about 2 months.
Have you flushed the soil to remove any minerals or fertilizers that may have been used at the store? Also, if the store allowed them to get too dry, the roots were likely damaged.
Last october, one of mine got dried out while waiting for me at my B-day. It is just now starting to make functional (although extreamly small) traps and it came with inch long traps and 6 inch petiols. The lesson here is, it can take a while for them to recover... or, never let a vft dry out.