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Hi all,
My name is Robert and I've only fairly recently returned to the CP hobby ( or should I say ADDICTION?). As an adolescent I became pretty obsessed with CPs and had quite a decent collection considering that when I started, there was only one online nursery and they only sold one species of nepenthes! I grew quite a few highland neps and Mexican pings until about 6 years ago when I lost most of them and my interest waned.
Now I'm back for good with a much better setup and more financial stability and freedom!

My current growling:
N. densiflora x ventricosa
N. ventricosa x aristolochioides
N. alba
N. glabrata
N. spathulata x aristolochioides
N. hamata AW 3
N. bellii x aristolochioides
N. muluensis x lowii

P. cyclosecta
P. laueana
P. laueana 'red leaves'
P. agnata x gypsicola
P. potosiensis
P. sp 'Sumidero'
P. colimensis

D. capensis 'broad leaf'
D. capensis 'red'

Cephalotus follicularis

Also waiting on N. jaquelinae, N. muluensis, N. tenuis, and N. aristolochioides from AW.

Nothing too fancy, mostly focusing on smaller species and hybrids but have plans for additional growspaces in the future.
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great looking list of neps so far :) what type of setup/conditions do your neps grow in? :)
Well I definitely do not have an incredibly sophisticated setup like you have Myles. I was originally planning on having one D. capensis and a Mexiping growing on a windowsill. Then the addiction kicked in and I went crazy. What it's turned into at this point is 2 20 gallon high terrariums (24" long, 12" wide, 16" high) with 4 t8 bulbs over each tank ( will soon be looking into the slimmer t8 fixtures so I can fit 6 t8s over each or maybe go with t5s). The highland nep tank stays between 70-75 during the day and will never go above 80 bc it's near a window AC unit. Humidity stays between 70-90%. Currently I'm using ice bottles and those refreezable cooler packs at night to get the tank down to 50 degrees. The lights are on a 16 hr photoperiod. My ping tank is basically the same except I don't do ice bottles so it probably only drops a few degrees at night and I don't really most it at all.

So far I've seen good growth, but I know I will have to find a better cooling and space solution. Now that I'm an adult pursuing this hobby I actually have the financial freedom to provide a good home for these plants.
Quite a large collection for one recently getting back into the hobby :)

Welcome to the forums!