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Baby lizard terrarium update

Here's some updated shots of my baby anole and his house:

I got the terrarium canopy built and put a black foamcore behind the tank, I've added a lot of plants since the earlier pic, 3 alocasias, 2 Christias (more on these later), a lecanopteris fern and some more orchids!

The inside of the canopy, Are 5.0 UVB bulbs supposed to be this yellow and crummy? I've been thinking of spraying flat white primer on the inside of the light canopy to give an even light reflection back into the tank. Is spraypaint flameable after drying?

Here's the little guy, you can't tell in this pic but he's gotten a big belly, should I let him go hungry tomorrow? I've been feeding him fruitflies and pinhead crickets everyday. I'm just kinda worried about overfeeding

Christia species, these are a relatively new introduction to plant collectors, I think they're from the bean family (legumes) and hail from SE Asia. I ordered one species and the seller sent me a bonus of the other species, they're both really neat. these are the leaves supposedly the flowers are lame but with leaves like these...!



Hope you enjoy the images!

Edit: I found a seller on Kingsnake.com of captive bred baby green anoles who are his size, do you guys who have had anoles think that he would appreciate getting 2-3 tanks mates his own size even if they were not the brown species?
He will be very happy in there.
I think you need a Leopard Gecko in another tank. LOL

As for feeding, with my Leopard Gecko babies, I will always feed them at least a small cricket or mealworm a day. Other days 3 or 4 crickets / mealworms.
you dont need to feed anoles every day. every other day is fine.
Beautiful habitat. I love the color variation that the Christia sp. provides. I might have to find me some of that plant.

Thanks, it was fun setting this up but I would have liked to do it at my own pace and have it much more neatly laid out than it is. Everything was kinda plopped in on labor day account of the lizard appearing out of nowhere the nght before and me needing to have a place for him to live other than on potted plants in a greenhouse style terrarium.

The Christia plants I got off Evilbay (I get on buyng addictions with that site!). For a year, maybe two I only knew of one source for them and you had to buy a nursery flat of 72 cuttings but now it's started to filter out to the hobby plant collectors. I'm just into these leaf colors and patterns! They seem to be establishing and starting to grow quickly too. I've noticed that during the day their leves are horizontal but after lights out they dangle vertically but they don't respond to touch that I've noticed.
if i woulda had internet while in Florida i would have seen if yah wanted me to catch some for you..........brown anoles were everywhere at the resort.......only saw one green one. only wound up bringing orchids home though. will post pics later in the week
Man, I would love to go to FL and check out all the nurseries, probly bring home way more than I have room for though! Does Dewy Fisk still have his aroid nursery or is he lost to obscurity?
no cule only got to go to one..................about died getting drug to the various parks.....got to do a lil bit of herping around the resort we were at....have a toad and a frog i need identified by Ozzy or someone but im not messing with that till i get home cause the connection here is to slow...........musta saw about 1000 brown anoles and a hundred green tree frogs over the weekend......
My mom went to FL with my uncle's family a few years ago I instructed her to buy anything cool and weird but they didn't find anything, but not being plant nuts they didn't know what to look and ask for other than "Carnivorous Plants" or "orchids". She said the Botanical Gardens/parks looked like they had pretty poorly kept stuff. My young cousins who went came home with lizards they'd caught, probly the browns/green anoles but I didn't see them.

According to some of my anole books which discuss catching your own say that if you go herping in the warmest areas of FL you can find much more than anoles and frogs but also monitors and other cool (larger) stuff!