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Baby Eating Pitcher Plants (Picture post for fun!)

For those of you who keep GIANT pitcher plants; post up a picture of your biggest plant with a baby doll inside of it!

This is just for fun. Please do not post pictures of plants with real babies (or kittens, puppies, etc.) in them.
finally, a down to earth way of slowing overpopulation :lol: much more conveniant than hiking up an active volcano :awesome:
If someone can fit an actual baby in a Nepenthes pitcher, I'll be so impressed I won't even call child services!
I can't seem to find the website but there is one out there which shows kind of a step by step construction pictures of a giant Nepenthes bicalcarata and giant Cephalotus pitcher that one father built for his kids to play in out in the back yard. It looked like an awesome project, and these pictures of pitchers didn't just contain babies but six year olds! :awesome:
Awesome - that's it!
I saw a picture of a Nepenthes in someones hand, it was huge, way bigger than their hand! Maybe my mind got carried away and I imagine them large enough to fit a baby.

Anyway, post up a pic of your largest plant with an action figure in it, a barbie doll, stuffed monkey, or even your cell phone!

Post up! Post Up! Post Up!!!
Biggest pitcher I ever had was 14" lowers on my N. Miranda, sadly those pics (and the plant) are gone many years ago.
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Oh yes, there are many wonderful photos of huge pitchers (and that one with Geoff is amazing!), but none of them have a struggling Bratz doll in them, or a pathetic Beanie Baby hanging on for survival!

There has to be someone out there willing to throw at least one small green army man into a pitcher! This is not for the squeamish!
Who will it be?
East_to_west, swords, davaskid, Peatmoss, mylesG, or whoever might be brave enough!
Post up pics!
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Come on! :D

Take a picture of your kid's G.I. Joe drowning in fluid.

Halloween brings a ton of rubber rats, pop one in a pitcher plant, let it swim and take a photo!

Post em' up!