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Automatic watering suggestions

Mar 9, 2020
Hello, I am looking for some automatic watering machines and would like some suggestions. The only requirement is that you can find extra hose and connectors for it(have to be the right size) and it can water at least 18 plants or more.
Jun 1, 2007
Portland, OR
You can do this with drip irrigation systems, such as sold by 'Rain Bird', and they sell this stuff in most hardware stores. I've put a few of these together for use in landscaping. You basically have a larger hose, then put holes in it to connect smaller hoses which end in emitters that drip or spray a different amount depending on the emitter. You can control when it turns on with a device that connects to the spigot.

Or, if the plants are all in one tray, you could do an ebb-and-flow hydroponics system and you wouldn't have to worry about all the hoses and connectors.