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Australian Utricularia Germination ?

I've recently acquired seeds of U.dunlopii, U.fistulosa and U.leptolectra. Has anyone ever germinated seeds of these species or even grown them for that matter ? Any advice would help.

Good luck man! U. dunlopii is so killer looking!
awesome plants!!
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place them in a large bowl with a mix of damp/wet peat sand mix the seeds should then germinate rapidly and increase the water level each week or as needed, this technique worked when growing Utricularia volubilis, how ever the plants got to cold and then withered away, :(
I do know these are an amphibious species (U.dunlopii, U.fistulosa and U.leptolectra ) species and grow in wet peat and sand,so maybe just try them on wet peat and sand and as the plants emerge just keep the soil relatively/evenly moist, I wish i knew more about these incredibly rare plants!! Hope this helps!! :)
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I readily germinate U.uliginosa, bifida, caerula, limosa, minutissima, nivea and recently got chrysantha going from seed (previously it just sprang up in my bog garden).
Soil: 50/50 peat/sand or 2:1 sand/peat
10cm tall pot.
initially flooding (1cm over surface, so the soil in a 10cm pot should be 8cm max), do this for 1 week.
then drop the water to 2-3cm below the surface of the soil until they germinate.
Aim for temps of 28-32C days and nights of 25-30.

Humidity is best above 70%, bright light (full sun through 50% shade cloth for 3-5hours in the morning is best) or 2-3hours morning sun.

For me they vary in germination depending on age, e.g. I have had bifida seed that hit the pot from the pod germinate in less than a week, but I had to wait 3months before the Chrysantha and minutissima germinated from fresh seed.
The oldest uliginosa seed I have tried was just over 8months old and it germinated fine, I would imagine their seed is long lived as in the wild some seed can be dormant for over 6months, then burst into growth.

Once they are better established I throw in a few NKP pellets (in a 5cm diameter pot, 3-4 pellets), this has a dramatic effect on the growth rate.

I also place a 1-2cm layer of rehydrated spag to lessen soil loss from the bottom of the pot, otherwise you can use a cup or small bowl.

Bifida and uliginosa also work well in a pure rehydrated spag slurry in a glass bowl or a Macdonald's large iced coffee cup (very well), same basic method as above but less fertiliser or they can yellow.

Hope this helps, and good luck