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Aussie red Aldrovanda

After several failed attempts to get and grow different forms of red Aldrovanda, I found someone in the states who was selling these plants, from Kimberly originally if I remember correctly. I do have a few others that are on life support to doing ok-ish, but these so far are doing the best. Recently moved a couple to a brighter area, and they are beginning to color up. At first last year they turned green and stayed that way. It is a bit hard to get a pic in the water, so I put them in a white yogurt container. Pics not so good, but you get the idea.

Notice the flowers/seedpods as well.
Nice! I have a friend that has been very generous to me and this is a plant on his want/wish list. If you could pm me where you got it I would be most thankful!
I got ahold of some of that last year and unfortunately being unexperienced with aquatic plants I killed it. Now that I have a U. gibba flowering maybe I'll try again...