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Attn: SirKristoff

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I guess this is what you've driven me to with your lack of PM responses.

I need you to get on the ball with shipping your end of the trade please. Our night temps are constantly in the 40*s now, and starting next month it's too cold for me to accept neps until spring.
I spent nearly $30 to overnight my package to you, not to mention the 7 months it took me to root that cutting to your standards.
The least you could do is give me an estimated shipping day or even a response to my PM's. Something.. anything..

This may seem impatient on my part, but when I feel ignored and rushed by weather conditions.. you leave me no choice.
Show me some uncommon courtesy and a little respect, and at least let me know when to expect the package. Since I've already fulfilled my end of the trade.
I know you're busy, but if you have time to log in, you have time to drop me a line.
Stone cold Kris.

I'd like to know what the plan is.
Please and thank you..
Just to clarify man.. I know things come up, and I always give people the benefit of the doubt. This trade has been a long time in the making.
But last I heard you said Tues. or Thurs. of last week for your shipping day. No package, and no PM response since. I hate being left in the dark on things of this manner.
Hence this attention getter..
Travis I understand you spent 30$ to fix the issue you made, you also mentioned canceling the trade because the plant I received was so badly damaged, this could have been handled in PM.
I have been trying to get time to send the package but it is going to have to wait until next Thursday, and if you can't deal with that, then I'll just send the near decimated cutting I received back to you, and I will keep the seedlings for a later time.
Please don't get harsh and testy with me when you say "take your time" in one PM and then because I'm unavailable for a few days, freak out. It's not very kind. Unlike you who is retired or disabled, I do work, and I just started vacation but I have literally $30 until payday Thursday because of bills and other unexpected priorities that come over shipping a package at this exact point in time.
I have a tendency to take some time to ship when it comes to neps, but when your GH is 20 minutes away, and you can usually only make it out once a week to it, then that is a bit understandable.
I would under any normal circumstance use a bit of my remaining money to ship, however I do have two children, and random things to pop up from time to time, like the random $250 doctor bill I just got stiffed with because my insurance screwed up.
Quit thinking about yourself for once and realize that maybe something happened and there is a valid reason for the delay Travis, I don't appreciate my name being thrown out onto an open forum to be slandered when no one understands the situation at hand.
1. Never once did I "mention canceling the trade because the plant you received was so badly damaged"
To be honest the thought never crossed my mind considering you said, and I quote,"it's a little banged up, but should be okay."

2. When I was under the impression my package was already shipped, you can maybe understand my frantic path of thinking here.

3. I know you recall as well as I do.. I've already offered to cover the cost to ship your package. You said, and I quote,"it's not a matter of money, but a matter of time. I'll get something out to you either Tues. or Thurs."

4. Yes, the mistake of involving Florida with a package enroute to you was mine. And anyone that takes trades as seriously as I do, would've done the same as what I did. Fork over $20 some odd dollars to overnight the package from there to you.
But I got the package to you. I told you where it was and what the situation was every step of the way.

I sent you a PM a week ago stating,"did you get the chance to ship that package." Because it hadn't come in.. I was worried about the whereabouts of my "Holy Grail Seedlings". You read the message on the proboards, and didn't even give me the courtesy of a response. So when you fail to stay in contact..
.. here we are.
Thursday is fine man. I just like to know what the plan is..
Quit thinking about yourself for once..

really? I can't believe you went there.. This sentence has stuck in my mind all night long.
How many people do you know do a month long giveaway every October, of every year? (Halloweekends)
How many people do you know that do a Birthday Giveaway, for their OWN birthday?!?!?
only thinking of myself.. again. shame on me..

*edit* ~ my goal here isn't to make public, personal attacks on each other.
In fact, my goal here is to strengthen your lack of communication skills.

And since you STILL haven't responded to my messages on the proboards, guess that makes this thread our official PM system.
Were you, or were you not insinuating that I was cheating and/or making multiple poll votes in the POTM?
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I'm almost afraid to ask, but not scared enough to not ask.

Thursday came and went, and still no word. What's the story man?
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no package today.
which tells me you blew me off, again.
rather than taking care of a minor responsibility here, you've gone camping?
nice trade ethics.. must not be as busy as you made out.
Why drag this out to spite me? such an easy fix..
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There have been several members in the last year or so who have not fulfilled their trade obligations. I think this list needs badly to be updated: http://www.terraforums.com/forums/showthread.php?94599-3-Level-Questionable-Deadbeat-Traders-List

1 more week.
He's old school, so he deserves a chance to do this proper before I say,"forget the plants, I'm done with you."
However, I only allow myself to get dinked around with for so long before giving someone the boot.
what'll it be.. the plants or your reputation? ya know..
Lucky for him I want the plants as badly as I do. Otherwise that list would've been bumped last week.

I loathe being ignored and blown off. Especially when the person OWE'S me.
stone cold.
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The same thing happened with me a few weeks ago. After waiting for around 3 weeks with no contact he finally got back to me and sent his plants my way.
For someone who's been a part of TF for almost 5 years now, I'd give him a little more time.
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Roxor I don't recall what your talking about, different person maybe?
Travis, your seedlings shipped today. I have priorities man, and taking care of my children is one, and fulfilling promises to my spouse is another. Everything else can wait.
After your behavior regarding this trade, this will be my final dealing with you, as you were completely immature and rude through most of this trade. Had I been a different kind of person, I would have sent that struggling cutting back to you, but i did not. I sent two, very healthy seedlings your way today and put as much care into packing them as safely as I could into them.
Keep in mind Travis, that just because it takes someone a bit to respond, it does not mean I am "blowing you off".
I just have not had the time to get on the PC or my phone to check/ reply messages. That is that,
Mods please close this thread. The trade has been completed, as it was intended to. Some people just have no sense of the word patience.
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Thank you.
Not just for shipping the plants, but for just shooting me a quick "this is what's up". If you would've said you'd ship next month sometime. Fine, okay.. thank you for letting me know. That's all this was about dude. I just hate bad communication.
Again, thank you.

I'll close the thread. no worries..
And you're right.. when excited, I have no patience. I'm a sucker for instant gratification, i.e. COMMUNICATION.
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And please next time do it privately or contact a mod/me if you feel you need to go further than your own private conversations... I would have closed this sooner if I had seen it- but in the end, glad it got taken care of even though I feel it wasn't the right way to do it.
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