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Artemisia plants need to be moved


Planted some of these at my mothers house and they have done perhaps too well. I need to move a six or eight foot swath out so I thought I would offer some here. Make your own absinthe, or maybe not, it might not be the right variety, and thujone has been said to have made some people crazy. Who is to say for sure? I hear you can again purchase it in a form that has less thujone. There is also a phony product called Absente, as billed Absinthe Refined. I got part of a bottle, it tastes horrid. A friend of mine said a tea from this plant is a very good fix for Moctezuma's Revenge. Could not say for sure. I also have some very fresh Castorbean seeds, the green one, not the red. If you want some of either, let me know.

For some reason, Photobucket won't take my pics. Might try again later. The foliage on these is a sort of blue-green.