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Aristolochioides CUTTING roots in 4 and pitchers in 5 months!!

My friend decided to ditch corporate life in America so he can do some self-exploration in Asia. Before he left, he handed me some great plants and one of them is a Aristo cutting.

I was really skeptic about the survivability of this cutting after some research online.

I'm happy to say that this plant did really well. It took 4 month to root itself and 5 months to produce its first pitcher. It recently just opened!

My condition is a typical Highland 20 gallon fish tank. Humidity always ranging 85%-99% with avg temp around 53-74.

Sounds like you patience is being nicely rewarded. Any pictures of the other plants left to you by your friend by chance?
Very nice! how encouraging. I have a aristo cutting myself that has gone static and is just sitting there in suspended animation. I'm hoping it wakes up soon. So now special treatment just good ol' HL conditions?
that's awesome! good colour!
Nice going!