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Arachnids, here I come... (Continuous update thread)

It is quite odd, I have spent most of my life terrified of spiders/arachnids until a few weeks ago, when I decided to handle a pink toe Tarantula... Since then ive become hooked, my first T as seen in my previous thread was a G. porteri, or Chilean Rose Hair.... Shortly after, I picked up a few more... G. rosea RCF, G. pulchripes, and A. urticans, shortly followed by two P. imperator (Emperor Scorpions)... Today I ordered a L. parahybana sling and A. versicolor sling...
And suddenly, I can just imagine turning my giant closet and spare bedroom into nothing but an invert and herp area.. Snakes, lizards, spiders, scorpions...
I completely blame Travis for this, the pictures he posted a couple years back of the gorgeous Tarantulas planted a seed, and now I cant get away from it...
Here we go, headed off in a direction I never thought I would go....

So this thread will serve my purpose of updating my experience with these fascinating little critters... Pictures will follow.
I gladly accept full blame for your new addiction.
Good call with the Antilles pinktoe, tough to not love a versicolor..

dont mean to spam your thread but can you put two females of different species together or will they do battle?

i look forward to the updates :)
It is generally unwise to put any T's together whether of the same or different species, same or different sex. The death of one of the Ts is pretty much inevitable. As a whole, they are not social animals. Even when breeding Ts, it is not uncommon for the male to be killed. If the breeder sees mating occur and wishes to save the male for another round, the male will typically be removed from the female's enclosure. Travis would know more as to the logistics of that.
Avicularia urticans

P. imperator

more to come later...
ive got a couple of slings, 2 G. pulchripes, 1 G. rosea and a couple more on the way, L. parahybana and A. versicolor the little A. urticans above is still pretty young, she is about 3 1/2" leg span at the moment... atleast i think it is a she
Versicolor slings are cute little buggers. Often seems to be one of the better ones for helping arachnophobes get over their fear -- it's hard to take a bright powder blue spider with big feet seriously. Rather too bad they don't stay that color as adults.

If you get a really good shot of the A. urticans' abdomen's underside (more brightly lit), Travis might be able to give you a decent guess as to sex. Usually looking at an exuvia is best, but some of the more experienced hobbyists can make a fairly accurate call with a good photo of the underside.
Great collection! I only have two (GBB and B. albiceps) and I definitely loved getting them as slings. Watching them go through their color changes has been fascinating and rewarding! Much like getting any CP and watching it grow, there's a sense of accomplishment. I too had a serious arachnophobia but while at a reptile show I saw a little girl handling a Rose Hair. I was like what! Surely this little girl doesn't have bigger cojones than I?! I got hooked after handling one too. Darn Rose Hairs... Funny how I went to the show for geckos and came out with tarantulas.

I totally agree with the versicolor statement, they're so adorable and non threatening when they're tiny. I was really tempted to get one but after the seller educated me I thought I would start with terrestrials first. I'll save the versi for my gateway into arboreals :)
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I just picked up an A. metallica on the 11th at a reptile expo up here.... So far so good.
Havent lost a single T or Scorp yet xD
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Any updates?