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Aquatic Plant Soil?


Sgt Sarracenia
Where do you get aquatic plant soil? I hear alot of people talk about it concerning Ping's, is it worth getting if available to me? Any information or opinion is appreciated.


Folks always say they get it at Lowe's and Home Depot. I have looked at my local stores and they have no idea what I'm talking about. Other folks will say to go to a real nursery. Well, the ones around here don't have it either. I guess I'm too far out in the sticks.
Look for a place in your area that specializes in water features, that is small yard ponds and such, I imagine they would have it. Good luck.
i bought mine online as well, grabbed a big bag so i won't need more for years :p
lowes/home depot in my area dont carry Turface/APS either.. I buy the Pondcare brand at a small locally owned hardwear store, but ive seen it in various plant nurseries as well.. look in places that carry pond supplies...
I have no problem getting the Pondcare stuff or anything else in the pet trade, but there has to be a cheaper way. I will how ever end up ordering the bag designed for store use just to get the best pricing.
Turface is really the only other thing thats cheaper.. just have to find it.
Not when you have been in the pet trade for over 25 years and have resale license.
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Uh well. There are only two APS type products, not counting japanese akadama.... Pondcare's APS, and Turface. Just.. fyi..
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^ Is there a "like" button somewhere?
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turface was about $20 per 50 lbs bag.....
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Where do you get aquatic plant soil?
Turface is sold by former Lesco dealers (now John Deere Landscapes) for baseball infields. They have a location finder on their site. When I purchased some a while back, I got 50 lbs for ~$12. It's probably a bit more by now. Check for a nearby dealer and give them a ring to ensure they have some in stock before you head over.

Turface appears to be the same stuff as Aquatic Plant Soil. I started searching for some the summer after everyone else had gotten APS at a local big box. Naturally, they all stopped carrying it at the same time - probably better for me anyway since I've used over 1/2 of the bag by now...
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I am also using it as a part of most of my CP soil mixes. seeing some improvements with media not being anaerobic and improved root growth in sarracenia