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Aquarium gear and one 15" 14 watt new colormax t-8

Hi there,

I am getting ready for the upcoming cold weather and wanting to make some room in the garage. At a church sale I bought some aquarium gear and have decided that I do not want to keep it. I had thought about keeping one power filter and some of the filter cartridges (and there are some charcoal packs that could come in handy) but I feel that most of it would have greater utility together. To someone.

For postage one or more folks can have all or part of the following: Two power filters (both motors work) and associated filter media fiber and charcoal
zip drops
1 15 inch 14 watt ColorMAX t-8 new
one odd shaped air pump - probably needs a diaphram also with metal valves and hose
two pack smaller incadescent bulbs new

Please do not say I will pay postage up to...I won't pack anything with bricks, but if you want the stuff, you will need to pay the freight and I won't know what that is till I pack it up and get to the PO.

Limited time offer, by next week it goes into storage, flea market or garage sale or something. So if you want any of it, sing out now! Let's keep stuff together - if you want the smaller power filter take the filtration stuff as well, vice versa too. Same for the larger one. Pics below:







The power filters are used and of unknown condition in toto. The motors run. The smaller filter has a piece cracked/missing on/near the flip top thingie that should not hinder its operation. If you wish I can add water to check for leaks or cracks prior to sending them out, but they look good to go to me. Pretty clever design on the filters, nothing like what I had back when...

Email to gnixon@satx.rr.com within the week if interested. Ciao!