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Anyone grow Pilea?

I'm on attempt #2 to keep two Pilea Mollis aka 'Moon Valley' plants alive. I tried once before and the plant just dried up on me despite moist media.

One I got several months ago on the discount rack but it didn't look unsaveable. Hasn't quite come back though. The other one was healthy and still is, as far as I can tell. I was wondering whether how I have them set up right now is good. I've had some conflicting info come up regarding light levels, etc, and would like that cleared up if possible.

I have them lighted by a s-se window. They get a good 4-5 hours of good light, further blocked by my little bonsai tree. So they get filtered, strong light and then weaker indirect light during the morning and evening hours. I've seen some say they like a lot of light and others(and the tag) say Its a low light plant, like ivy. I've heard they like higher humidity, so I spray mist them twice a day, morning and evening. Humidity is probably 40-70% depending on what time of the day or night it is. Temperature is in the 70's. Been keeping the media moist but letting It dry just a bit before watering again.

Does this sound good or can I change something? Thanks.
I grow pilea "jobes tears" they're super easy. I got them as 4 unrooted cuttings and just threw em' in some peat and keep them moist. Mine are in my LL/intermediate mini greenhouse and are at about 70%RH and 80-85 degrees day and 70-75 night. Hope this helps a bit, although I know pilea is a pretty diverse group of plants (I think) so mine may not have similar cultural requirements..
Yeah, that seems to have different requirements. I did more reading around and I think what I'm doing should work. Seems that I should not let the media dry out at all. Think that's why I lost the last one. So far, they seem happy so I think I will just wait and see. They do grow kind of slow. Thanks for the reply. If anyone else can chime in, please do.