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any bug experts?

i thought i was but my brother brought in something that "attacked him" in his work truck today and its got me stumped...he is proud of himself cause he has never been able to stump me.....

its not a wasp....reminds me sorta of a stone fly or antlion but its neither of those....its got 2 pairs of wings and an what i think is an ovipositor sorta like a cricket....the larger scale on the ruler is inches(dont bother trying to figure out the smaller its to do with printing)....oh and location is the northeast corner of Montana out on the prairie if that helps....







i really need a dedicated macro lens and a ring light....
*Turns on the Kula signal*

The rage of the pine tree.

The rage of the pine tree.

i believe your right, some type of Symphyta fits what im looking at.....never seen one before though if i had just gotten a fleeting look i prolly would have mistook it for one of the larger wasps we have....
Very nice insect there! Looks intimidating.
Mach is.

My expert opinion says wasp.
Horntails are wasps. Odd group. Might have gotten to Hawaii. Well known on mainland
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Are these the wasps that detect grubs or other larvae through layers of bark and lay eggs in/on them with their ovipositor (drilling through the bark)?
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These guys are the wood feeders that the other wasps find with the super long ovipositers