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just wondering if it was a romur
Out of all the time my vfts have eatin ants they have never harmed the plants but there are many different species of ants who knows maybe one of those species could harm a vft.
Joel, are you referring to the possible harm caused by feeding ants to cp, or to the possible harm in allowing ant colonies to exist in cp pots? Thanks.
It all depends on location Joel, for instance, som ants may have very acidic biology, which damages teh traps, while another location they might be perfect.

Of course, feeding your plant carpenter or leaf miner ants is always a bad idea.
If your concerned about the biting, what I do to help you understand is explain to you, a method to get the point of view of an ant. Now. Stand up, and walk over to a plain, flat part of a wall in the room you are currently in. If you have panneling, or bumps, go somewhere where it is totally smooth. Alright, here is the experiment. Try to gnaw on the wall. I'll do so right now too, we'll do it together... ... ... ... Aside from the pleasent flavor, and the odor of my father's nicotine habits, nothing happend. I am not being snotty or sarcastic, just in case it sounds that way. Heh. I am seriouse, and yes... I DID taste my wall (see the Sarracenia thread about Tanked Bugs for more on getting a wee taste of inanimate objects...)