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Another U. vulgaris Pic



Here's a flower spike that was "accidently" severed from the plant by my cat.
I decided to make the best of the situation and beg my boyfriend to photograph it..

The Utricularia flowers are beautiful !!!


those are great bonnie!! do vulgaris flower spikes have the 'pontune' like floating devices on them to keep them afloat like inflata does?? thanx for the cool pic!!

No.. vulgaris doesn't have any floaters to keep the spikes up. I think that's my biggest problem is having the flower spikes knocked down by the wind and then dying before I can fix them. Once the plant forms a denser mat over the water I think it'll be more stable. I grow mine in an old bathtub that I painted and turned into a water garden. =) I'll post a pic sometime..
How do you guys grow your aquatic Utrics?
I have found the best way for me is in opaque containers vs. transparent aquaria, with some peat lying on the bottom, and some duckweed on top of the water. It's not real asthetic, but the plants grow very well this way, and this year made flowers. I keep the containers covered on the top with white plastic, and the whole in broken sunlight. No algae!
i grew inflata very sucessful in a half wine barrel. they grew like crazy and flowered in no time!! like tamlin says, they dont seem to do as well in aquariums or clear containers. take care!