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Another problem aquatic moth

In recent weeks I have had troubles with my ponds here in Townsville (yet not at my parents a couple hours north), for some reason they are all of a sudden turning basic (as opposed to acidic), but I have now fixed this, the new issue is that over half of my plants (several kilos of U.gibba, aurea and stellaris) are being eaten by moth larvae.

I have found and killed many of the larger larvae, some up to 3cm long and 1cm wide, they are destroying the ponds and I want to know if anyone knows how to be rid of them, perhaps a poison that won't kill off the plants or their prey (daphnia, but am obviously willing to lose the daphnia if necessary).

It is so extreme that I had a 1.8m long by 5cm wide stellaris plant entirely vanish overnight, I have spares of most at my parents, but obviously I would like to save these ones.
I found two very effective ways, in the larger ponds (50L and up) I used fighter fish, they destroyed the grubs and I commonly use much larger fish in my utric ponds back home so I knew it was safe if other precautions are taken.
The other method in smaller ponds was water scorpion, dragon fly nymph and water spider, I caught dozens of each at the dam at dads and distributed them out (they are native to here as well).
They seem to be ok now.
Interesting, by "fighter fish" do you mean Siamese fighting fish aka betta or are you talking about something else?
Yes Betta's, Gudgeon, Au Rainbow fish and bullrout also work well in larger ponds (100L and up), but most other fish (especially gold fish) need either very large (300L) or very well planted largish (100L) ponds otherwise they destroy the chemistry of the water.
I find using bettas and sparkling gouramis a nice natural alternative to pest control