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amorphophallus konjac


beginning of flowering stem :banana2:

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last year it also made me a inflorescence.

dracunculus et Sauromatum also have flowered

my other amorphophallus do not have a bulb with a crtique size to have a inflorescence

Can't wait for when mine get big enough to flower. Several species, still working out the kinks as they didn't really gain any size but they've all made it through dormancy.
I am a still a beginner when it comes to growing amorphophallus konjac.
What is the difference in appearance at the very begging between flower spike or just the leaves? Mine has a pink spike coming out of it but idk weather or not if it is a flower (That may be a silly question but i can't seem to find any info regarding this topic)
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If it was going to bloom, it likely would have already done so. By this time of the year, it should be the leaf petiole forming. How large is you corm? Generally they don't bloom until the corm is at least the size of a softball.