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Amazing Growth!


Hey forum,

I thought I would just share some substantial growth on my Sarracenia catesbaei.

The shriveled pitcher to the right was the largest of last year's bunch!

I love sarrs for this very reason. And the fact that they are SO easy.
Haha I concur, I'm really starting to love Sarracenia because I can just plop them outside in full sun, no acclimating at all and they prosper. I still enjoy my Neps but with all the lights, humidifiers, controllers, etc it's a nice change of pace to grow plants naturally outside :D

And great progress on the catesbaei Kenny!
Yeah same here. I like all the tropical plants but sarracenia are much easier to grow and just as rewarding.
I'm giving a go at growing Nepenthes, and they grow considerably slower! I agree with everyone that Sarracenia are amongst the easiest CPs to grow.

Sarrs are my favorite.....bc they have more colors, strange looking flowers and bc they are gluttons.

Currently my catesbaei is in the g/h for the moment but the small pitcher with the brown top was from last year.