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Alien with no dormancy?

I read that Venus Fly Trap 'Alien' "is a year-round low growing plant". In other words, it has no dormancy. Is that true? Are their any varieties that lack a dormancy?
I don't think their is a varity that lacks dormancy. Your in Georgia which is grate for VFTs! :)
No, all VFT require a dormancy. The description refers to the fact that it remains in the low rosette form throughout the growth cycle instead of forming the upright summer traps common to most cultivars and typical varieties.
low rosette form instead of upright summer traps

I really don't know what this means, are they any photos you can link to? When I last kept VFT (20+ years ago?) there were not so many amazing different types!
A typical VFT will start off the year growing low to the ground like this:


Then during the summer it will start to put out upright leaves like this:


Then in late summer or fall it will transition back to the low growth pattern. 'Alien' and some other cultivars do not go through this transition and simply stay in the low form. There are other cultivars like 'Spider' which do the opposite and only grow upright traps.
I call them groundhuggers when they are dormant. :-D
The VFT (from lowes) I started out with never grew upright traps but the rosette has actually gotten really really big. This is an 8" pot. Guess it pays to live in its home state

The only ones I have that are really growing upright are the Dente Traps I have that were donated by DJ

Are the others just typicals?
Thanks Tony C, now I am very educated! :D

Nice pictures KKPsi08!

Plants are so amazing!
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'Dentate Traps' tends to readily put out spring leaves, based on what I've observed. 'Cupped Trap' tends to readily put out summer leaves.
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Thanks Tony C, now I am very educated! :D

Nice pictures KKPsi08!

Plants are so amazing!
thanks!!!! I was looking at a few pics from when I first got that fly trap and its amazing to see how much it has grown