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Aldrovanda for four

Hi there,

Up for grabs four portions of Japanese Aldrovanda. One per customer, shipping on you. Via small Priority box with an extra or two possible. The only requirements, payment of $6.00 via PP. Rather than numbers and random number generators, just be one of the first four to post in this thread after 8pm my time (central) tonight. (Sunday) Might want to refresh and check that you are one of the first four, then email me at gnixon@satx.rr.com for particulars.
directions unclear, posted before 8 pm.
True enough, I am a time warp or something. Make that today, Monday, after 8pm.
And for pointing that out, I'll put you in for one, outside the other four yourrealmom.
Hopefully I'm in the first four, fingers crossed!
Hoping I'm in first four.
I would enjoy another attempt at this, thanks!
I hope not too late to enter. Thanks.
That's it, offer closed. Congrats to the winners!
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Slight delay on mailing/packing for medical reasons. Will resume shortly. Thanks.
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Any updates?
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I would say, stay calm and he will get with you. No reason to be pushy on free stuff....
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First round of packages went to the PO today, limited operations there on Sunday. If you are on the list and have not contacted me, or heard from me, email me at gnixon@satx.rr.com. I think all but one here have been mailed to.
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Again, if you are on the list here, and have not contacted me, or have been contacted my me, or heard from me, email me. There is only one of you left to do so.
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Scratch that last, I believe everyone is accounted for. Thanks, and good luck!
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Got it today, thanks so much I really appreciate it! Everything looks great. =)
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Received mine today, thanks Paul!
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Got mine today! Awesome Thanks!
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Got mine yesterday with a lot of extras. Thanks, Paul.