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Alata or Ventricosa x Alata?

I've had this plant for over a decade but I'm still not sure what it is. I thought it was alata for a long time but after seeing some photos of ventricosa x alata, I'm not so sure anymore. It hasn't pitchered for me in a while since the humidity is so low, but I took some pictures of the old pitchers and the foliage. They were a light reddish color with very reduced wings. I hope it's not a hybrid.



N. alata, as recent changes in its description state, has hairy pitchers, so that's probably the ubiquitous hybrid.
Darn, that's disappointing. On the other hand, it seems like a lot of websites sell alata that looks similar to mine, so maybe they had it wrong from the beginning and they were actually selling hybrids. I didn't realize they changed the description until I looked it up.
Looks like what was ventricosa x alata, which is probably now ventricosa x graciliflora.
Yep, the infamous x ventrata ( though I agree with Wire Man, it's probably a hybrid with graciliflora that's so common). A lot of places sell this plant falsely as "alata," but as mentioned, graciliflora has much more elongate pitchers, and alata is more tubular and hairy, with notable wings.