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airplant fertilizer

Does anyone have an airplane fertilizer they use they can recommend me?

I wonder what N-P-K rating most airplanes like and also what might the N-P-K rating of my worm bin juice be in case I could use an extremely watered down homegrown fertilizer. I saw one website recommended 10-15-20. I guess there are ways of testing the juice (I think they call it soup) from my worm bin.

Thanks for the help!
I've recently become a big fan of Maxsea 16-16-16 fertilizer made from seaweed. It comes highly recommended by many professional growers and hobbyists alike. I use it because I have a wide variety of houseplants, airplants, and carnivorous plants, and it seems to work well with all of them. Just my own 2 cents!
N and P are easy to test for. K not so much.
I use maxsea also . All my Tillandsla, orchids, and carnivorous get a diluted spray...
Caught by the auto correct. ...lol
I've been using Epiphyte's Delight 17-9-26 for a couple years and it works great