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Air plants during winter

I have a bunch of different kinds of airplants in my bathroom in the south side window. They do not get direct light and have been growing for about 8 months now. None of them have flowered except one is coming out now extremely slow. I am worried because winter is here and they are getting less light. I think the color in some of my stringy net-like air plants is fading and getting dull almost like its losing its life. I try to water them 3 to 4 times a week with RODI water by spraying them thoroughly with a spray bottle.

Do my airplants need supplemental lighting? If so does the bathroom bulb about 4 feet away that is 57watts do anything? Also, what is the main cause for airplanes to flower? I am wondering if it is a combination of the right conditions and they haven't been met or am I missing light or heat? I know it may be hard to tell. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.
They appreciate fertiliser,I use orchid fert and leave the plants submerged in a half strength mix for half an hour or more when I remember
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So they will survive through the winter without very much light at all? Any idea what sets them off for flowering?
Sorry I can't really help you there as mine are growing under florescent lights. But cooler temperature doesn't seem to bother them .And I think I have read that fertiliser is pretty important
I think your light levels are fine, but you may want to consider soaking the plants in water for about an hour at a time, rather than spraying them.