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After a 5 year hiatus, I have returned.

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Hi guys! You can call me SinJin.
SinJin is actually my middle name (technically spelled "St. John" and pronounced "SinJin", after St. John Smith from James Bond!). I'm mostly a lurker here on the forums, but since a lot has happened recently CP-wise, I thought I'd make my first post in five years.

Starting from the beginning!
I gained interest in carnivorous plants in 2004/05 when I was living in Florida.
I was growing general flytraps and pitcher plants until a hurricane wiped out my collection (Some Lowes rescues and a massive Ventricosa).

After that, my priorities changed and I didn't join the community/grow CP's again until about 2013. A tad older then, I got my first greenhouse, followed by a 50gal highland terrarium cooled by a peltier with massive fans and a PC power supply.
Guess what? I lost nearly everything again in a move from Florida to Colorado about 1.5 years ago(At that point, I'd say I have grown my collection to about 40-50 plants as well). I attribute it to a combination of the stress, failure to provide a more gradual acclimation, and the fact that some were simply too large/costly to keep warm in the winter. What remained of my collection was later sold or donated.

Some more about myself:
I was born in Denver, Colorado, and moved to Florida in 2002. A good bit of my childhood was spent watching nature shows, and playing with lego/knex/erector kits. Honestly, my childhood as a whole was weird.
I left High School at 17 to get my GED and join the workforce. I spent a lot of time working until my father got a job offer in Colorado, whom I quickly followed. My decision to move may have cost me my collection, but it was worth it I think.
I am now 22 years old, employed as a Sales Floor Lead/Lower Management in the Medical+Retail Cannabis industry. I've gained my financial freedom, and now share a spacious apartment with a woman that I love dearly, who also shares a similar passion for ornate plants and eccentric hobbies.

Now here we are, 2018 and I've propagated my new outdoor collection from 4 to 8 plants, with 7 Nepenthes to arrive this week. I've successfully acclimated my Dionaea, Sarracenia, Pinguicula, and Drosera to the Colorado weather. And to top it off, I have just completed my two-tier, water cooled, 14 cubic-foot highland cabinet to house the 7 plants I am expecting.(You can expect to see a post regarding such cabinet soon)

Here's some pics that I could find of a few species I was growing a while back.
In order of appearance: C. Follicularis, N. Spectabilis x Jacquelineae, H. Minor, N. x Tiveyi, N. Robcantleyi(Grown Lowland), N. Viking, N. Rafflesiana, S Leucophylla, N. Hamata
IMAG0129.jpgIMAG0026.jpgIMAG0130.jpgIMAG0345.jpgIMAG0150.jpgIMAG0207 - Copy.jpgIMAG0171.jpgIMAG0069.jpgIMAG0077.jpg
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Welcome back.

I shall apologise in advance for eternally pronouncing your name as Sinjun. :-O