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Additional ideas concerning plant/seed pot labels by Joseph Clemens

Joseph Clemens

Staff member
Through years of experience (good and not so good) with accurate labeling and means to protect newly sown seed lots from contamination with stray weedy species (which can be many different Drosera species). Following are some ideas:

1) Devise an abbreviated code to use as a unique identifier on each potted plant/newly sown seed pot label.
a) Put the code and also general identification on the label, but keep a notebook or computer database listing all the details,
b) This makes it possible to keep an ongoing record of the status of each batch of seedlings or individual plants,
c) Even periodic photographic records can be appended to this list -- if that is done it will help to ensure the correct ID is kept with that variety, or discover a mistaken identity and/or correct that same problem.
[I have noticed over the years that when kept together in close proximity, uncommon species/varieties will sometimes expire unexpectedly or unnoticed while various weedy species will quickly take their place -- hence a possible confusion of identity can develop]

2) Keep your media away from possible sources of contamination with seed of weedy species/varieties. I seal all my newly sown pots in sealed ziploc bags to isolate them from possible contamination until the new seedlings are well established and easier to identify.