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I purchased three plants - nepenthes veitchii x platychila, rajah x veitchii and robcantleyi x veitchii. They arrived from cz plants in January, so I guess it was quite a shock in conditions. Bombay's lowest in winter is still above 15 degrees celcius. More usually in low twenties at night.

None of the plants have lost pitchers or deteriorated so far (at least from the condition they arrived in, which was reasonably good). The rajah x veitchii was the plant I was most apprehensive about. Rajah is a highlander. I was hoping that the veitchii being a lowlander... only to realize after buying that it was a highland form of veitchii in the cross. So far, it seems to be doing fine. A pitcher it came with grew slightly in size. The tendril on the newest leaf was broken when it arrived, but a new leaf (formed after arriving) is almost the size of the previous leaf now.

Same with the robcantleyi x veitchii - did not deteriorate, started forming new leaf.

The last - the veitchii x platychila is ..... frozen. It hasn't deteriorated, it hasn't grown. It is as it came. For almost a month now. Started forming a new leaf, but not sure whether it started and stopped or the growth is so glacial that I'm not registering it.

I'm not very worried as such right now. They are acclimatizing and all - no deterioration is already good news. No lost pitchers or leaves, but the plant I was worried about being fine and this one being so slow... has me slightly worried. Like... should I worry? It is neither growing nor declining. Like it is frozen in time or something. Odd.

I guess I need someone to handhold me and tell me tales of checking their plants daily for growth and hand me some tissues and pat my hand and etc. (or if there is something I should check for for that plant specifically)

All the plants are in a sphagnum-perlite mix that drains well. Get misted around (not directly) about 10 seconds every five minutes. Bright shade. The other two seem very appreciative. So what is this guy's problem?
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Sounds like they are doing very well to me. Platychila is also intermediate/highland, so there is that, but also this sounds normal to me after shipping or even moving them. During the wet season in Florida I have to move my plants into more shade, and they often freeze like that for weeks or even months. It seems species and hybrid specific how long it takes them to adapt, and I’ve heard really old plants can be even slower. Shipping is a huge shock, and even when it goes well I often see some pitcher loss and the freezing you describe. I had two different hybrids mailed to me two months ago. One lost four pitchers and froze, and has only recently started growing a leaf....slowly. The other lost no pitchers, grew slow for maybe two weeks, then popped a new leaf double the size of the last.

I’ve come to be happy when a plant stalls. It’s better, much better, I think, than being set back.

If you’re very worried, post pictures.
You'll have to be patient. Provide the best conditions you can and just wait. Particularly if a plant has experienced significant shipping stress, it can take quite a few months before resuming normal growth. I have one I received in September that resumed growth briefly then froze again, and finally appears to be growing again.
Ok, so all three plants are growing slowly. No loss of pitchers yet. The rajah x veitchii that I thought had formed a leaf almost as big as the previous one.... well once it opened, I realized a lot of the length was the tendril. lol. Also, the previous leaf continued to get bigger, so the new one isn't at all as big as it is. Regardless, all the plants are growing now. robcantleyi x veitchii is also growing slowly, formed new leaf that has just started to open. The veitchii x platychila still seems very sluggish, but seems to be opening a leaf and there is another growing in it. Both seem considerably smaller than the leaves already on the plant, but I'm calling any growth progress at this point. They are all doing ok now I think.

Seems impatient, but I was sort of anxious that the plants settle in before the real hot weather begins and adds stress. Seems to be going good so far. Weather heating up in the day, but nights are still in the low twenties (C) so good.
Awesome! That is real progress. I think we often forget these plants can have lifespans measured in decades, so a couple of weeks or even months is nothing to them. I’m glad to hear they are adapting!
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