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About N. Mirabilis x Gracilis

Jul 29, 2016
Brazil, Sapucaia do Sul, RS.
Does anyone have some experience with this hybrid? I may grab one soon, so I wanted some basic information about it.

I've seen it's a hybrid of two lowlanders, so I'm concerned about my 3-5°C minimum temperature during winter (I plan to grow it outdoors). Is it tolerant of low temperatures? I've seen lowlanders growing just fine or simply shutting growth until temperatures start to warm up again, so I'm not sure if this one will do well.

Also, is it tolerant of low humidity? If not, how much is ideal?

Those are my main issues. Thank you for your time. (And I'm sorry for any errors, english is not my native language after all)
Apr 19, 2012
Greeley, CO, USA
I know gracilis can tolerate low temperatures for short periods (though it will shut down growth) but not sure about mirabilis. Both are technically lowland/ultralowland though, and so like it hot and humid; mirabilis and its hybrids will not tolerate low humidity, the leaves are far too thin.
You would want to look into something more intermediate-highland for your region if you intend to grow Nepenthes outside.