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A warning on using 300 watt LEDs as grow lights.

Sep 1, 2017
I've read mixed reviews on these kinds of lights. Some state that the Mars Hydro lights have been good for their plants. Others state that the dimmable varieties like MaxisSun and Viparspectra caused their plants to wilt. What happened to me was basically the latter. For whatever reason, this light seemed to cause the plants dry out horribly. The top of the sphagnum moss that the plants were growing in was almost always dry, the trays were running out of water quickly, and the plants had some strangely deformed growth and would only produce dew after the lights were off (in the case of the plants that actually produced tentacles). After switching them to fluorescent lights, they did 10x better. The LED was a little over a foot away from the plants. The light was more than sufficient as it turned the fork leafed sundew a deep shade of red with relatively upright growth and turned the lance-leafed sundew a purplish color and gave cape sundew had vibrant pink tentacles but evidently the plants were too busy trying to retain water in the leaves to be capable of producing any dew (or in the case of one plant, complex structures) and were clearly not very healthy based on how they grew and the rate at which they grew. Just to give you more ideas on the conditions, the heat at the level of the crown of the plant was roughly 84 to 86 degree Fahrenheit and the humidity never dropped below 40. The light was on for about 14 hours each day.

I'm mostly putting this information down for people who are googling what kinds of lights to use for carnivorous plants. This variety of LED appears to be all wrong for their growth. Other LEDs might work but the switchable, dimmable, purple LEDs didn't work for me.
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Feb 22, 2014
I think a foot is too close. Those lights are EXTREMELY intense and you probably don't want it any closer than 18".

That said, I don't generally recommend them myself since it's hard to look at your plants when everything's that nasty purple/pink color.