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We all share a " LOVE" for what we do - gardening, cars, books, hiking, etc, I invite you all to consider the implications of my proposal in relation to "doing what we love"

At the least I hope some will find the subject interesting and engage in good faith conversations. Regardless of age ( find out below)
If you are an 80s 90s baby or even more recent according to my calculations there is a 50% chance that you will REACH the time where biotechnology and related sciences will have SOLVED human aging by slowdown / stop / full reversal
With current speeds of development in AI and other fields i say within 40 yrs we will have the 1rst gen FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH available for mass market
THAT MEANS ...... Not only will you be maybe young again but your beloved hobbies (plant, cars, etc.) will be with you .... INDEFINITELY ( You read correct)

In my view, people living today around the ages mentioned above will BE among the 1rst generation of humans that will have a chance to CHOOSE how long they want to live on this Earth.
The implications to civilization cannot be understated, share your thoughts and i PROMISE i will do my best to shed light ..........
If u like, spare 2 mins and google "human life extension" and come back

Common concerns:
A. Overpopulation - Earth as a whole is scheduled to balance out and even decrease in body count starting mid century and beyond. By the time Age Therapies are in full swing population concerns can be reasonably mitigated as a whole. Not to mention advanced resource productions and distribution on the horizon.
B. Only Elites will Partake - $1,000 to 1 million ppl vs $10,000 to 10 ppl Easy business math states its more profitable to sell to the masses instead of just a handful of elites. At the least the common folk will be able to afford treatments within reason though predictably not the shiniest "iphone" on the shelve but as we know tech improves as price goes down. ( life extension will be the MOST IN DEMAND product in human history- what would ppl give to be young in robust health INDEFINITELY - tech speed advancement + most demanded product ever will inevitably drive prices down and increasing quality at speeds that will amaze all of us im sure )
C. Social Stagnation / Generational Irrelevance - * in a nutshell * Term limits can be set in all levels of society. I do not downplay the probable problems that will arise but I do believe it can and will be solved for the good of all.
D. Resources - To expound on A the Earth can support at least 5 times our current population with food, water, housing, clothing, amenities, etc WITH RESPONSIBLE ALLOCATION and MANAGEMENT this is with current technologies. At the time of LIfe Enhancement methods such as advanced food technologies, power generation, etc will be in play. AND space colonization is on the way, in time ppl wont just be on earth places will be available for resource production as it will be needed / desired.
E. Unanticipated dangers to human biology - Fortune favors the bold ...... there will be unintended setbacks mishaps etc possibly causing some fatalities in the start just as with every innovation. Yet the future will be bright in the long run I like to say :)
What would you do with indefinite LIFE ..........
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Like I said in the chat box, I feel without impending death, life can't be fully appreciated. Also, I was born in the late 70s so I'm not included in you assertion at all. ;)
Like I said in the chat box, I feel without impending death, life can't be fully appreciated. Also, I was born in the late 70s so I'm not included in you assertion at all. ;)
we will still die ......
but AFTER you are literally tired to death of living , you get to choose when
instead of (as im sure countless humans have) passing away wishing we had "more time"
im an early 80s baby we arent that far apart
your chances exist nonetheless
did u know some predict i will be PERFECTED within 10 years .....
im saying it will begin within 40 and gradually perfect