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A Tale Best Told With Pictures

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Four or five years ago I went to a neighborhood wide garage sale with several houses participating. I had worked on a house there back in high school in building trades. Anyway, after entering the neighborhood at the first stop sign I saw this.

Intrigued, I drove on to the next sign...

At the next turn was this.

And then I arrived at the house. They were not kidding!

The backyard had a lot of slope and the dog was able to jump a short distance onto the roof and evidently like being up there.

Here at the corner of the roof, and another taken a ways back for perspective. The driveway had a lot of slope as well.


The gal in orange was the home/dog's owner. This was a new one one me!!
Can you imagine if some burglar tried to break in to that house and the dog just jumps down on them!? That would be useful and nifty.
That's truth in advertising.