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A question about N. truncata

I have a question regarding the highland form(s) of N. truncata.

I bought my N. truncata from BE at the Chelsea Flower Show in Londen in 2007 and Rob Cantley assured me it was the highland form of the species. Does this mean that this is one of the so-called "Pasian" clones or not?

I was under the impression that all highland forms from BE were pasian clones but recently someone told me otherwise, hence the question.
think mount pasian ,so think its location certain plants are from,pretty sure thats what i have read somewhere:scratch:
It seems that another thread on TF answered my question for me:


In this thread, a quote from Rob Cantley was posted: "We don't have highland N. truncata from anywhere other than Mt. Pasian. If others are selling highland N. truncata, it most likely comes from Mt. Apo I would think. Mt. Pasian is a very difficult plance to get to. Lots of drunken guards with AK47s last time I went." - Rob Cantley

Since this thread is from 2008 and my plant is from 2007 this would mean that it is in fact on of the pasian clones :boogie:
I got my highland truncata about ten years ago, and it doesn't look like any of the Pasian clones I've seen. It just looks like a regular truncata with a deep red peristome and a lot of red in the upper half of the pitcher. I've seen many highland truncatas just like mine. It makes me think that, yes, there are two different clones out there.
Not sure, seems most HL truncatas look alike to me though.