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A couple of neo shots from this year's babies

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I've been working with arboreals for many years now. Here are a couple from this year:

Neo Green tree Python:

Neo Amazon Basin Emerald:

beautiful looking snakes and nicely photographed too,i don't know much about them but always loved the emerald tree boas,probably a silly question what does the neo mean
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Neo is a prefix meaning "beginning" or "juvenile," as is the case with these baby snakes. I can't remember the full word that it stands for here, though. In any case, great color on these two! I only have corn snakes, but love serpents of all kinds, the arboreal greens included :D.
Magnificent creatures. Particularly like the current coloration on the GTP.
"Neo" is just an abbreviation of neonate. As explained above, it is what herpers call young / baby snakes.
Oh that's right, neonate. Jeez, and I even have corn snake neonates over here..... stupid memory....
I love Chondros with a passion, or for a matter of fact, the entire Morelia genus...

But the Emerald Boas... They are gorgeous and all, but the teeth. Dear god the teeth XD
Chondros are worse when it come to teeth, I've always heard, though.... at least the green tree.....