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apple rings.. what more can i say?
I know that I should only feed my VFT 1-2 bugs a month but, every day when I put it outside for some sun, it catches lots of bugs by itself. Is this okay? Or is it ''overfeeding itself''?
if it catches the bugs on its own thats ok

just make sure that some are open and if all of em are closed from the bugs i would recommend to put it on a sunny windowsill
because if it catches so many it will use so much energy the plant has, BUT it will have good 'fertilization'

so i would just have in a sunny windowsill till most of the traps are open then when they are open put outside agian

my VFT has only caught a couple small flies, even outside, weird, hehe, but it is doing fantastic, i cant wait to post some pics
If your plant catches too many bugs, the plant may stop producing new traps.

There will be no need to make more, it is doing fine with what it has.

If it is catching a lot of bugs I would bring it in and 'give it a break' buffetts aren't good for you :smile:

Are you sure that it is catching bugs, or are the traps closing with 'false alarms'?
I think, if it is getting lots of sun, it will not get low on energy from feeding like a sheep. It can only catch a bug in a trap every 3 days or so anyways, it takes a while to digest those delicate morsells. hehe. Just let it grow naturally. It's ok in my experience.
It can't be closing because of false alarms because I put it on the outside window sill and there is an overhang over where it is, so nothing could fall into the traps.

<span style='font-size:11pt;line-height:100%'>Thanx!</span>
A false alarm can also be a fly that is faster than the trap. It happens alot, especially if it is cool outside, traps close slower the colder they are. Kinda like me, I don't like moving too fast when I'm cold either. I think your plants are catching bugs though from the way you described it all. Especially if they are staying shut, then it caught something.
Hi FTG, I will freely admit to "stuffing" my plants, in season I do not like to see an empty trap, the only time you have to worry is when you have a new plant that has been "starved" for a prolonged period of time, I gave a newly aquired VFT a case of fertalizer burn by filling up all it's traps right away, but IMO you cannot overfeed a plant under any other circumstances, that plant recovered, by the way. So if your plant is catching it's fill, let it go, all you will get is a larger, healthier, faster growing plant!