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3 season porch/green house ideas...

Hey all... My wife said I can turn our 3 season porch into a greenhouse. It has sliding glass doors on 3 sides and a wood framed roof. I would remove the roof leaving only the framing, install Polycarbonate on the roof joist. Add fans and a furnace. It has a concrete floor but I think I would skim coat the floor to pitch water away to drain. The other option is to leave the insulated roof and use lights like metal halite and led systems... Any Ideas from any one.. The space is about 12'x 25' x 11' and the highest spot and pitches down to 8'. I'm in northern Ohio so heat is a must from October until may. Just looking for anyone who has tried to build there own. Any tips or comments..
I've used a 3 seasons as a grow space, but didn't have the options available to me that you do. I'd add polycarbonate to the roof (nothing beats natural sunlight), heat & AC for temp control during all seasons, and MH or T5HOs for extended light hours.
After that, you'd have a custom GH permanently attached to your home. Lucky ducky..
Love the floor drain idea as well. Also consider an automated misting system while you're at it.
Mass did you run lights and heat on your 3 season porch. ?
I did.. I setup my GH out there and used lights and a space heater inside the GH. Pics can probably be found in my old GH thread.