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24/7 light for cobras?


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We all have see this recommended for sarr seedlings. I have a few darlingtonia seeds in the fridge and I was wondering how they would respond to this method of growing? My sarr seedlings will be going outside soon so I will have the room to grow them under light 24/7. Do you think they will respond the same?
My only attempt at this ended with the seedlings dying in a very short time. But I also had them on a heating pad with the soil temperature (thermostat controlled, soil temperature probe) set to 81°F as recommended by Bugweed for Sarracenia. Then I read in a an old issue of The Carnivorous Plant Newsletter some tests showed 80-82° root temperatures was the upper for the species. I've just been too lazy (and also giving away all my seed) to try it with control groups - 24/7 with heat, 24/7 without heat, photoperiod with heat and without heat. If you have the seed say 20 per group give it a shot.
On the plus side, if you try it often enough, you might just find a cultivar that can take good amounts of heat, or one that doesn't need a hard dormancy. :)

(At least... maybe?)
I would love to have a larger group to attempt. I only have about 20 seeds or so. they were sent in a trade so im also unsure of the age. there is a vendor i can purchase them from. I will try to obtain more seed and test the method.
If you are talking about the same vendor I obtain seeds from I can vouch for the seeds viability and copious quantity. Go for it!

I *bet* they will respond well to the 24/7 lighting. The seedling I have grown seem to be more tolerant to heat than the adult specimens I have had (and, unfortunately for some, lost). I can only conjecture about the increased photo period, though.
Thanks for all of your replies. I have ordered the seed. After they arrive I will stratify and give it a shot. I have sarracenia seed that I was going to grow this way as well. I will try to provide updates!
Results so far.
Darnlingtonia are slower so I can't tell if the are truly behind. Should have had a control but didn't. They have so far been fine with 24/7 light.

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