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100w LED

Has anybody used a 100w led chip or 3w led chips instead of fluorescent tubes before? I ordered some on ebay fo my terrarium and am waiting for them to arrive.
I haven't but you may want to try a search...somebody on here recently got some and spoke highly of them.

edit: keep me posted on how your plants do with them pls.
Can't find them.
But the led is here! All I have to do now is wire it up.
Cool. I've been waiting for leds to advance to the point where they can be used to grow plants without too much fuss. 'Sounds like their efficiency may be higher than T5's.
An interesting thread ^ but I'm not too interested in the odd-colored, myriad of led-type of panels out there. Too cumbersome and esthetically-disadvantaged for me. ;) I am interested in the new generation of high-output single leds.

asid61 - You are making your own power source and fixture then? Is this hard to do? I noticed the units that came complete with those were quite expensive, though the led chip seems affordable.
Ugh. I hate red lights. I like the white.

Making my own fixture is easy. There is 3 parts: driver, led, and heatsink. Wire the led to the driver and attach to heatsink with thermal adhesive. Wire driver to outlet. The driver has an AC 85-250v input, so you basically just plug-n-play.
But the driver has no cover! My dad is afraid it will zap me if I touch it when it is on (true), so I have to go to an electronics store and look for a project box or something.
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true, but perhaps you can converse with that particular member on LEDs since they have a personal working knowledge on them, their application and their effectiveness vs florescent.
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I know how effective they are. But because it is a white light that I am using, I only have to compare it to a fluorescent tube's lumens.
LEDs, are the best lights in my opinion. Too bad they are so expensive if you want to buy a fixture.
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IT LIVES! I will post pics sometime. WAYYYY brighter than the old light I was using. Gives out 9,000 lumens, and that's from ebay/china. That is about 90 lumens per watt, better than CFL and fluorescent tubes by a mile. Plus, the whole build will cost you about $100-$120, including heatsink, led, and a waterproof driver.