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¿Dormancy time or not?

Hi guys, I have a P. grandiflora x vallisnerifolia that I bought the last year, the first months grew up really well but suddenly the plant stopped to grow and turn into a hibernaculum... but a few weeks ago started again to produce new leafs and new little plants arround it, my question is, ¿can I place the plant in the fridge, or just leave the plant outside until the next year?

Thanks to you all !!
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When did it go into dormancy this year. Your climate isn't quite the same as most people on here so the plants may have to tell you how to grow them.
In August more or less...

Thanks for answer :-D
It sounds like it started to go dormant, and didn't get placed into conditions proper for staying there so it started growing again...if such is the case I'd watch it for signs of weakening..

let nature do.

if in your country there is frost when they are in leaves , come in home, otherwise they may die.

to pass a good winter with negative temperature,they must be in hibernacula (it is their way to them to protect themselves from the cold)

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It looks like the plants are going dormant in high summer and beginning to grow again when the conditions are more suitable. I'd just go with it, they've had a good few month of dormancy. Just for the record please post your lowest winter temperatures :-D
of course, on all pinguicula I've seen 'in situ' or those 'ex situ' in my home, the hibernacula implementation begins in July-August but the true full dormancy begins when there is no leaves, simply a hibernacula and small bulblets found around(cuttings,from last remaining leaves)

fredg it is your forum ,below your answer?

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Yes it is Jeff
Thanks to you all guys !!!

The average winter temperature is about 18°
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That's 18C (64F) The record low is 8C (46.4F) :-D
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with these temperatures, leave them out door all year and let nature do

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Thanks to you all, the plant is growing well with some pups around it !! The next summer the plant will dormancy again, who knows??
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detached bulbils of hibernacula and replanted them .

the cycle is repeated every year