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  1. Av8tor1

    Rare Cacti Trichocereus bridgesii forma mostruosa clone A and Clo... - aerogrower $25

    and now for something completely different: The "penis cactus" :-)) 1 cutting of each. The cutting of the long clone is probably 8" or more. The cutting of the clumping form is one "branch" section Both cuttings have the cut area callused and are ready for planting THESE ARE NOT FOR HUMAN...
  2. swords

    Anyone do a Pereskiopsis "speed demon" graft?

    There is a strange, ancient cacti called Pereskiopsis (not Pereskia though they look quite similar) which is a fast growing single stem tropical type plant with 4" lancolate leaves. Grafting onto this is said to be the fastest way to go from seedling to flowering adult in even the slowest...
  3. swords

    watering repotted & new arrival cacti/succulents?

    I've just potted up my first cacti specimens (ouch!) - all Gymnocalyciums but I think I'll only keep the purple/black striped G. mihanovichii for the long term it meets my criterion of alien looking & colorful. I order most plants off ebay and just about every cactus from every seller is sent...
  4. swords

    A good all purpose Cactus soil mix?

    I'm starting a little cacti shelf and I was wondering what would be the best all around cactus soil mix I could make up that should work fine for just about every thing? I sprouted Trichocereus seed in about 60-70% peat & 30-40% perlite but I hear that small pumice "is better" for growing...
  5. Av8tor1

    Peruvian Torch Cactus cutting

    one large Echinopsis peruviana syn. Trichocereus peruvianus cutting of a known and desirable pedigree buyer pays 10$ on shipping and I will cover the rest (Heavy). Bidding starts at 20$ Note: I have purposely treated this cutting with a chemical pesticide, NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION...
  6. Av8tor1

    rooting san pedro cacti cuttings for trade

    I have 2- 12" San Pedro (Echinopsis pachanoi, syn. Trichocereus pachanoi) cuttings for trade, these have been laying around the house and have started to send out roots and show new growth which is perpendicular to the longitudinal axis of the cuttings (90 degrees) its a shame to see these go...
  7. Av8tor1

    tiny tric collection

    front to rear Trichocereus pachanoi (possibly a pseudo-Backeberg clone?) Trichocereus peruvianus Trichocereus bridgesii f. monstrosus clone "B" Trichocereus "peruvianus", this is one of the pseudo peruvians that have flooded the market, more likely a T. cuzoensis variant... caveat emptor...
  8. Clint

    Succulents for shipping.

    Send me 5 bucks for shipping (well if you really want to split hairs, 4.50 would do but a 5 dollar bill is just easier to deal with) and I'll sent you 2 species (multi crowned by the way) of haworthia and some little red weird echevaria thing. Hell I dunno what it is and I'm not going to post...
  9. P

    PhreekinSundewMan's Grow list as of right now

    * indicates available for trade CP's 1 Typical VFT 1 Sarr. unknown hybrid couple seedling D. Capensis yearlings
  10. C

    Paul's growlist

    These are succulent and passionflowers that I have to trade Adenia keramanthus Adenium obesum Adenium hybrid (white blooms) Adromiscus several un-named-cutting Agave victoria-reginae- Agave americana Agave americana varigated Agave attenuata Agave augustifolia marginata Agave calmiane ferox...
  11. superimposedhope

    Hardiest non weeds in your collection

    I have to say that of all my plants my epi-cactus Selenicereus have to be the hardiest. I have seen these actually save their own lives. The roots had rot and it was creeping up the stem and at the same time it threw a branch out and it grew over to the next pot, laid down on the soil and threw...