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    Trading or giveaway

    Hi there, I am looking to trade or giveaway some plants for this summer, so here is the list (this offer is limited to canadian cpers, sorry). Drosera adelae x5 *Drosera coccicaulis x30 Drosera filiformis ssp tracyi Drosera x Marston dragon Drosera prolifera x1 Drosera rotundifolia...
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    Pinguicula Relocating to Hawaii

    Hello Ping lovers! I've been reading a few posts from the Ping archive every night. There has been so much excellent information in your posts! I do, however operate in a tropical rather than temperate or sub-tropical zone. In short, I live in Hawaii in the hot lowlands, and wonder if I can...
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    P. Emarginata Blooming! **Happy**

    but anyways i am really happy as for this is my first ping bloom and im all really happy... and excited to see what it looks like just Somtign to Talk about i suppose, Cya laters Jim