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  • Hey, your inbox is full. I would be interested in.... Pretty much all of the sarrs. If you would check out my growlist I can send you any of the dews there. Thanks!
    Hey Duffman! Welcome to terraforums! I'm fairly new to this community and also just as new at growing Cp's in general. I obtained a few sarracenia's from the LACPS meeting that took place last weekend but I'd love to trade for some of the ones you've got. I don't have too much to trade. I mostly collect nepenthes but I do have some sundews as well. I have a whole bunch of little drosera burmani that are all growing outside at the moment as well as a few rorundafolia hybrids if your interested in either of those. I'm growing a bunch other from seed but they're nowhere near ready to trade yet. If any of this (or cash) sounds interesting to you I'd love a S. Luecophylla tarnok orS. Rubra gulfensis or pretty much any others you have if you're interested in my offer. It's a pretty humble one on my part though so I understand if you don't want to.
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