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    N.rafflesiana S.A.S.E seed giveaway

    Thanks for the info, must've missed it somehow.
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    N.rafflesiana S.A.S.E seed giveaway

    I never received a message with any information. Did I miss something? I was 30 on the list which was the last picked. ~billylh
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    N.rafflesiana S.A.S.E seed giveaway

    Awesome, thx for the opportunity
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    recommended reverse osmosis systems

    av8tor1: good point, i was thinking of more of a dedicated ro system to cps as he hadnt mentioned possibly using using in the house.
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    recommended reverse osmosis systems

    i've always purchased mine from purewaterclub.com and their customer service was great. it all depends on how much water you use in a single day. i use a 100gpd unit and i route the clean water to a home depot plastic trash bin(as the reservoir) which I setup with a float on top to stop the...
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    HELP pests.

    from your description it sounds like they are indeed springtails, they're not bad for your plants, they're food!
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    Drosera/Utrics Dying

    Just an fyi, if that bayer rose stuff is an aerosol spray can make sure to spray it from a good distance and mist over the dews. I used that stuff a few years back and it worked great, except if i sprayed from too close and i guess the aerosol just burned up the plants.
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    N.rafflesiana S.A.S.E seed giveaway

    1. Brassleaves 2. Sundrew 3. hcarlton-thanks for the offer!. 4. Shortbus 5. Punpkinface Thanks! 6. Captdonaldduc 7. Huntsmanshorn 8. Ambanja 9. Exo 10. Bett 11. Api 12. East_to_West : I'd love to give this a shot! 13. Flasker 14.Tatorger-Thank you for the chance 15. Firerock Thanks! 16. Pokie22...
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    anyone with a chinese water dragon?

    thanks for the info guys, the cage has been a slow process but the ply wood was picked up yesterday, I got the nail gun and staple gun ready, got the screens, and the frame is already built. This weekend it should be complete and ready to be painted and aired out outdoors for the next week or...
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    anyone with a chinese water dragon?

    On the 4th we bought a juvenile water dragon(about 10 inches with tail) from Petsmart since they were on weekend sale for $19.99. I'm thinking of building a much bigger cage for him/her but am wondering if there is anything special I need to do? I can find alot of information about water...
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    lightbulb at night to attract insects

    I get lots of moths around my plants at night due to the porch lights. Tons of them infact, at the same time i notice the increase in pitchers being eaten when developing...personally i think its a bad combination... ~billy
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    an idea

    bump, look what i found... http://www.vbulletin.com/docs/html/vboptions_reputation Andrew, any input on this as a viable option for the boards? ~billy
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    D. Venusta seed "SASE"/trade *USA ONLY*

    ok, i received the seeds, thanks again for going through all that for me. ~billy
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    my new $2500 mobile shooting bench

    manual hubs should just work if you engage them, it shouldnt need to have forward movement, auto hubs needs the reverse to disengage. ~billy
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    who can id this guy?

    ok, tip taken with the cotton ball, its out now. I woke up to find this guy having molted in the middle of the night. it looks creepy as hell with the empty skin in there... ~billy