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Hey, I just want to make sure you saw my message about shipping the seeds you won in the NASC auction.
Hi Adam! Yes, they are. I have been selling them for $10.75 (this includes the postage) for a pack of 20+ seeds. My PayPal address is:

Payment as "Friends & Family" would be greatly appreciated. :)
Hi Steve! I won the Select Solid Red, but didn't get any response on the direct message I sent ya on Sunday, maybe it got buried. So I've just sent in my payment for shipping ($8) complete with my address and contact info in Paypal "notes". Thanks as always!
Hi! I won the single growth point maxima and Liberty Co. Ornata, Also curious where to send payment. Thank you so much!

Hello, I was looking at your grow list and did I see a Darlingtonia. Do you some for sale Thanks.
Unfortunately no. The winter was hard on them this year. Thanks for the interest,
Hello I was looking at your grow list and noticed you might have some Darlingtonias. I f so do you have anything to sale. Thanks Located in California
Hi Adam,
I was looking at your growlist and trades page. While I can't trade you any plants as I am in Canada but I would be more than happy to pay you for some seeds of the below plants if you're at all interested?

Catesbaei from Old Dock
Flava Maxima -Brunswick County, NC

If you have any seed available of the two plants mentioned I can pay through PayPal.

Let me know.

No one sells seeds of pygmy sundews. They don't produce them as a primary means of reproduction. Also I don't know where you are located.
P.S. - Best to send subsequent correspondence to me directly to PT@PhilipT.com
This forum stuff is too confusing for me to keep up with...
Yes, $8.30 is correct for both, to: PT@PhilipT.com
Please disregard this if you've already paid; I'm having a hard time getting all the details of this auction straightened out.
Will figure it out & send your plants soon.... :eek:

-Philip T.
It would be awesome to see an update on your LED grow rack thread that you had going. Wonder what changes you may have made or what you would have done differently now 6 years into the project.
Hi! I won two of the aster plants in the auction. I think the post said $8.30 shipping for both in this case correct? Where should I send that to?

Hi! I won the Mike King F82 plant in the auction. I think the post said $7 shipping correct? Where should I send that to?

my paypal is stevegalic@hotmail.com

Let me know your address. I will be shipping out wendesday morning and will have tracking info then