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Today i was trimming the dead plants off of my Sarracenias, the tallest of my flava heavy viened had what looked like some kind of fungus looking stuff on the mid section of the trap. Well i trimmed it in fesr that it may spread or kill my plant. I wish i hadent but i disected the plant to see what was inside. Bad mistake.To my great horror there was a wasp with this watery substance that gave off the worst smell my nose has smelled.It was the worst smell......
Well i quickly disposed of it.But i was wondering why there was so much "juice" there.
You play - You pay...
That is sort of funny too. Thanks for the warning. I will make sure I do not make that mistake.
I am guessing that would be the bugs that create the juices. Just like adding ice to water - the water level goes up (maybe not the best example) as the contents keep coming in. I hope that makes since. There may be better examples but I can not think of them.

Your thinking of displacement Travis.
Sarracenia work in the similar way only they add they juices to cover up and break down thier "added objects"
The smell you inhaled was most likely the plants way of telling you it was digesting the contents.
I know the smell. You think a Flava pitcher is bad? HA! Try an S.Purpurea pitcher with files,bees,and slugs in it!
Weird, I go sniffing all my pitcher plants and none of them stink yet they have a ton of bugs in them. The purpurea looks the most digusting inside, but no smell!
Shake your Purpurea pitchers then smell them. Get you nose right at the opening too. Then you WILL smell them. *gets wide smile thinking of the reaction on larry's face when he smells it*
Boy, you ARE mischevious...You actually RECOMEND that? Hehe!
LOL, NG, I'll take your word for it
All I can say is it should be added to remedies for clearing up your sinus's.
Hehehe, Sorry but I just pictured all the peeps reading this forum sticking their finger in their bellybutton then sniffing...... Don't know why I pictured that, but I did.