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Yet another mold question

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i know there has been a few posts about white fuzzy mold but im still having a problem. i have five pots of plants and 3 of them had white fuzzy stuff on the peat. I removed the lid, scraped off the mold and treated it with fungicide it worked with 2 of the plants but the third one wont go away, i treated it at least 6 times and removed the dirt 4 times and the mold just keeps coming back. im starting to get really ticked and could really use some help.
by the way, the humidity is 40% day and up to 55% at night there is never a lid on the terrarium so i know its getting good air circulation.
you may need to do a total soil replacement, some mold spores undoubtedly are to tough to be knocked out with fungicide until they split and it grows...

that's about all I cna think of, carefully remove the plant/plants, get the soil out, clean up the pot/terrarium.

Before you add the new peat, maybe microwave it, that will kill off any spores in the soil... just make sure it's not warm when you plant it! Let it cool first. (This is a techniuqe used by seed growers, and will end any chance of getting live spahgnum out of your soil (It kills that too))