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Woo hoo!

So i went today and got a 5 1/2 gallon terrarium. Basic glass tank. I also picked up a plant light that mounts to the wall. I set it up over the tank. I lined the outside of the tank with aluminum foil, expect for the side facing my window, to keep more light in there. (Got that tip from somewhere in these forums). The light gives off a bit of heat, so the inside of the terrarium is a little warm. Thats ok right? They can take some heat
I kept my 2 VFTs and Sundew in their pots, and added a an inch of distilled water to the bottem. Its been cloudy the last couple days here, so my plants havnt been getting much sun. They are looking a little limp, so im hoping with this light, it should help them perk up a bit.
Any other tips for terrarium growing? Thanks.
Hi Myke66

I provided some lighting info for you on your other post. Make sure the light you bought isn't just a painted incandescent light. I've seen lights sold as "plant lights" that are just a regular light with a blue-ish film painted over the glass. Those can get very hot and fry your plant. Fluorescent lights work best providing a wider spectrum and less heat (plus they are cheaper to operate).

Ty PlantAKiss for the info! It helped imensly. I found out i had a shoplight in my shed, and 2 cool white flourescent blubs in my basment! Today i rigged it all up. I may go out and get a growlux blub to pair with the cool white, but for now, i think its ok. Would those 2 blubs be enough light? They are right on top of the tank, and about a foot from the plants.

the bulbs are both 30 watt bulbs. I know that doesnt really help too much, but thats all the info i could gather from them.