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Dec 8, 2001
Oswego, New York, U.S.A.
Yesterday brought an unlooked for copy of this book, signed by the author.

It was sent by a friend in New Zealand as a gift, and he said "I knew you would be grateful for the book,
but your email shows just how thoughtful, generous and
committed you really are to the Drosera genus. " I feel very honored and touched at yet another demonstration of the goodwill of our community towards myself. This book will sit next to my inscribed copy of Don Schnell's book, which likewise came as a gift and honor.

I have wanted this book since I heard of its publication back in 2001! I read through it in a few hours, but there is much to absorb. It will be a constant companion over the long winter to come.

After having been through it once, I was immediately struck with the quality of the line drawings! Mr. Salmon is one of the finest botanical illustrators I have ever encountered! The drawings have a greater reality than the many excellent photographs of the indiginous NZ CP species, and they are indeed excellent! I thought it was the photo's I was waiting for, but I was wrong!

Through the authors fine hand and deep experience with these taxa, we are granted a detailed look at these wonderful plants seen through his eyes. The line drawings fairly leap off the page, every significant detail is captured and brought to the forefront. The drawings are more real than real!

This work was the culmination of 15 years of research and study by Mr. Salmon, and the book shows it. The drawings must have taken countless hours to complete, and each is a Rembrandt. I cannot imagine a better summary of plant carnivory in New Zealand ever being presented. This is truely a work for the ages.

There is much reminiscent of the Lowrie books dealing with native Australian CP, but the presentation is richer in detail in all regards. The author presents an in depth look at the history, research, and publication details regarding each of the native NZ species, along with a good discussion of their seasonal growth, habitats and distribution. The many full color, full plate color photos show both the habitats and the plants themselves. For most of us, this is the closest we will ever come to actually being there.

I recommend this book very highly to all with an interest in CP species in general, and also to the students of taxonomy. There is much pleasure and learning available in this book.
Apr 15, 2002
Cernunnos Woods
Congrats, that IS a fantastic book!
I've had it for a couple years now (I had Bruce sign mine when I ordered it). The small section on carnivorous fungi was very interesting and something I'd never heard of before!